Should you advertise online?

The answer is almost always yes! Paid Advertising in the Digital Age should be a considerable part of your overall marketing strategy. Where 'word-of-mouth', email marketing, or other traditional routes of advertising rely on past clients or building a list of leads; digital paid advertising reaches hundreds of thousands of people you would never be able to reach otherwise. You're able to showcase your beautiful work, while leads flow into your inbox without you having to do anything extra. The best part- online advertising is critically underutilized by most businesses, so there is more than enough room for you take your piece in the industry.


Meta Advertising:

Before launching; we prep by gathering content, devising a unique strategy for your business needs, defining precise demographics to target, and then create compelling ad copy to drive high return on investment. Following the prep the ads are ready to launch, after which we call interested prospects to prequalify them to make sure they will not waste your time, before handing them off to your business to close.


Google Advertising:

Pay-Per-Click ads on Google require a contained landing page which we create for you, after which we create ad copy and keyword strategies supplemented by third-party software to keep costs down. After launching, the real work is in the maintenance and upkeep of the campaign. We constantly adjust and trim the campaign to keep it as efficient as possible, alongside allocating a small amount of advertising budget to test new strategies.

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